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Professor Sebastian Link

DSc (Auckland 2015); PhD (Massey 2005); MSc (Clausthal 2000)


In: School of Computer Science »Faculty of Science

Associate Dean - International

In: Faculty of Science Administration » Faculty of Science


Sebastian received his PhD in Information Systems from Massey University in 2005. He  was  lecturing in Information Systems at Massey University, Palmerston North, until 2007. From 2008 until 2011, Sebastian was Associate Professor at the  School  of  Information  Management  at the Victoria  University  of  Wellington.   Sebastian joined the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland in 2012.  Sebastian received a DSc from the University of Auckland in 2015.


My main research interest is the application of logic, algebra, combinatorics, and statistics to  computer science. I have mainly worked in the area of database theory,  conceptual modeling and XML. However, I am also very much interested in the motivation of my  research  area,   in   particular in the perceived drivers and barriers to concepts in databases and modeling.


Associate Dean (International) - Faculty of Science

Director of the Masters Programme of Professional Studies

Areas of expertise

Artificial intelligence, Database design, Database security, Database theory, Data modeling, Data science, Logic in Computer Science, Semantics in data, Semantic Web, Uncertainty in data, XML



Dr Duncan McGillivray

BA/BSc (Auck), BSc(Hons) (ANU), DPhil (Oxf)

Associate Professor

In: Chemical Sciences » Faculty of Science

Associate Dean

In: Faculty of Science Administration » Faculty of Science


My research involves looking at the surface structures of biological systems using surface sensitive methods, particularly neutron and X-ray scattering. The recent commissioning of the OPAL  research nuclear reactor in Sydney,  and the opening of the Australian Synchrotron X-ray source in Melbourne, provide world-class facilities within easy reach of Auckland. Through measurements performed at these facilities the behaviour of surfaces and in particular biological membranes can be studied in detail.




Associate Professor Gordon Mark Miskelly

BSc(Hons)/PhD (Otago)

Head of School

In: Chemical Sciences » Faculty of Science

Research | Current

Gordon Miskelly's research focuses on two main areas

• The application of coordination chemistry and analytical chemistry to practical problems

• The development of electrocatalysts and sensors via rational design.


Deputy Director, Forensic Science



Dr John Taylor

Deputy Head – Academic

Research interests

• Virology

• Cell biology

• Immunology

Molecular Virology

The main interest of our lab is the pathogenesis of viral infections. Our research uses rotavirus, a major cause of gastroenteritis in infants, as an experimental tool to reveal ways in which infection can influence cellular, immunological and physiological function in the host. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms that underpin viral disease at a molecular level and thereby identify new opportunities for therapeutic control of disease.

A second area of research is the engineering of viruses as gene vectors for antigen delivery to immune cells as a strategy for the development of novel vaccines and immunotherapeutics.

Areas of expertise

Proteomics & Biomedicine



Associate Professor Bruce Richard Burns

My research interests broadly cover the field of plant ecology in seeking to understand determinants and mechanisms of plant persistence, distribution and abundance.  I am particularly interested in species-level positive feedback mechanisms.  The contexts for this research vary widely but include:

 Areas of expertise

Biodiversity, Biosecurity and Conservation



Dr Paul Denny

BSc(Hons), MSc(Dist), PhD

Senior Lecturer

In: School of Computer Science » Faculty of Science